Thursday, December 25, 2014

iPad digital publishing software a fully featured mobile flipbook tool

In this year, Apple brought modern iPhone6 to market. So far, Apple has brought many modern tablets and mobile devices to improve the living standard of people. And at the same time, Google build on that with extraordinary growth of Android based devices. Therefore, the digital publishing industry can capitalize their work on using publishing software for iPad and mobile devices.

The iPad as a way to reach more target groups is popular among the public. And along with the advancing mobile devices, it changes the way people consume content today. For example, many people enjoy the online shopping and online reading. So for digital publishing, a fully featured mobile flipbook will help you occupy the limitless market. PUB HTML5, the pdf to html5 converter, brings you a new way to display your digital magazines, catalogs and brochures on iPad.
iPad digital publishing software
PUB HTML5 is powered by HTML5 & jQuery technology. Thus, the flipping books it created can be easily access with any mobile devices. As the iPad digital publishing software, it processes many distinguished features.

1. Beautiful book-like interface
To attract more readers, PUB HTML5, the pdf to stunning flipbook maker, provides you the amazing templates and themes to beautify your flipping book. Also, you can customize it with the background music and background picture.

2. E-commerce online marketing
The iPad digital publishing software provides you the powerful tools for online marketing. On the one hand, you can enrich your content with the vivid multimedia. On the other hand, you can add the e-commerce information for your digital publications, such as the prices and PayPal. All in all it is convenient to catch the eyes of readers as well as inspire the visitors to buy with your mobile flipbook. 

iPad digital publishing software

3. Easily share and embed in your website
This iPad digital publishing software can produce the attractive flipping book which can be easily share with your friends. Also, its cloud platform provides you a Bookcase to store your flipping book. You can either embed the flipping book or Bookcase into your website on the condition that your upload the digital publication on this platform.

If you want to expand your digital ambitions, the mobile flipbook is necessary. PUB HTML5 offers you the best solutions for mobile flipbook. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

A 100% Free PDF to iPad digital publishing Solution for everyone

Up to now, Apple has sold a great number of iPad across the world. With the popularity of iPad, a tremendous business opportunity came up and grows in incredible speed. In such a short time, consumers are used to search interesting issues of their favorite magazines and e-books on their iPads straightly. For the publisher, it is an emergency to looking for a new ways to publish digital documents that is available to read on iPad.

Today, you will benefit a lot from the following introduction. From my perspective, PUB HTML5 is a 100% free PDF to iPad digital publishing solution  for everyone. You will have an amazing experience with easily sharing and reading on your iPad.

But on daily lives, we prefer to save the texts in the format of PDF. It is worth thinking how to convert a PDF into a digital publication that allows reading with iPad. PUB HTML5 can also help you in creating an interactive flipbook. You can import your common PDF into this software. And after you publishing, you can get a HTML5 online digital ebook. There is a book URL created for you. Just copy it and enter it on your iPad, you can enjoy your e-book freely and directly.

Unlike other software, PUB HTML5 is an independent application. When you read the books on iPad, you will never require installing other software. When you have a free try, you will totally understand what I mean.

FlipHTML5 from is also a iPad-friendly software which specializes in creating realistic and responsive CSS3 jQuery &HTML5 FlipBook from PDF. Believe it or not, your publications will win hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide when you publish it with the help of above software.

The Advantages of using page flip Software with HTML5 & CSS3

In the past decades, digital publishing has swept around the world. More and more readers love to read digital publications. Printed material is no more the fashion topic among the international business. I think that in the future, digital flipbook will account a large part of the local market. But how can we catch the fashion and create such magazines?

At this time, page flip software will benefit you a lot, especially the page flip software with HTML5 & CSS3. It can distinguish your flipbook from a lot of similar e-books. PUB HTML5 is one of the applications that can offer you the page flip function with HTML5 & CSS3.

The advantages are so apparent that I cannot list all of them. I can pick up what the users reflect frequently. The first one is the almost perfect display. The combination of HTML5 & CSS3 in a modern web design enables the readers to read freely and smoothly. That is to say, it saves the time of waiting for the page to complete loading. Besides, compared to the original books, you are not going to bare the broken images or fuzzy words.

The second advantage is that it is an independent software. When you read the magazines, you are not required to upload additional programs. PUB HTML5 will never require a third-party program to assist in reading the interactive book.

The most important one I want to refer to is the responsive and cross-screen. The reason why HTML5 technology quickly won the crucial position in business is that it enables the websites and publications responsive to the different devices. We all know that there is potential market in mobile users. And HTML5 can expand the publications to be read in all tablet devices. In this way, you can not only enjoy your flipbooks in computer, but also on the devices such as iPad and iPhone.

FlipHTML5 from also allows you to create page flip book with HTML5& CSS3. You can take it into consideration.

5 100% Free tools to create digital magazines and newspapers

Do you feel disturbed when you are deep in thinking how to convert flat PDF to digital magazines and newspapers? What about the tools help you out of trouble? Have you ever consider asking the free tools or software for help?Here, I will introduce you 5 100% free tools to create digital publication and certain software which are very professional in creating flipping books.

With PUB HTML5 tools, you can upload your digital magazines at no cost. The reason is that PUB HTML5 provides you a free magazine publishing platform . Now, back to what I said before, what are the free tools that assists you in building digital publications? The first one is the various custom settings. There are many details concerning the loading, displaying and controlling. It is very easy for you to set the font color and book logo. The second one is editing tools. It allows you to add link, audio, video and slideshow and more multimedia to your flipbook. In such ways, your flipbook will entertain more readers.

The following one is the animation setting. With the help of this tool, you can add animation objects (texts, images, videos and more) to your e-book. Thus there are dynamic changes in your flipbook. The next tool is the publishing tool. Its function is to help you create different format output flipbook. You can publish, share, and save the flipbook. The last one is also the most useful one is upload tool. With PUB HTML5 free publishing platform, you can share your flipbook online as soon as possible. Your flipbook will be displayed at so that everyone can read it no matter where they are.

All above tools are include in PUB HTML5.But there are other softwares which offer similar tools. 3D PageFlip Professional: and 3D PageFlip Standard: also provide handy tools for you to create digital magazines and newspapers.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How to create interactive html5 magazines that will engage your audience

I wonder whether all publishers know how to grab the eyes of the readers. It is useless when you just create an interactive magazine. The most important step is to appeal readers to read your magazines more. The readers are your final goal. But how can we engage more audience in appreciating your html5 magazines? It is indeed a question which is worthy of discussing.

In the competitive society, everyone tries their best to win the attention of audience. In digital publishing, it is the same. In order to attract readers, it is necessary to create interactive html5magazines . You would be satisfied when you have use PUB HTML5 to create your digital magazines. PUB HTML5 is the reliable software which specializes in building stunning, interactive and shoppable digital books. You will never regret when you see the amazing and beautiful E-magazines.

The key step in creating interactive html5 magazines is to make the readers at relax and fell at ease. The multimedia plays an important role. Image that you are not only enjoy the wonderful words, but also the comfortable music and colorful image, even the practical videos. You will never get bored of such magazines. PUB HTML5 provides a function of inserting such effect. When you edit the pages, you can insert videos, music, links and symbols and etc. By the way, you can insert a button to create actions on certain pictures or words. No one could refuse such funny magazines.

Besides PUB HTML5, Flip PDF for Windows: and Flip PDF Professional for Windows: can also help you create such interesting digital magazines. Why not have a free try?

5 Tips for Creating HTML5 Enabled Digital Magazines

Are you still looking for the novel ways to present your ideas in front of the customers? Are you looking forward to easily creating HTML5 digital magazines? Do you want your flipbook enjoy a good reputation among the business? If your answer is positive, the following tips will benefit you a lot.

As you know, it is difficult to be the best. But it is possible. Creating HTML5 enabled digital magazines  is not as difficult as you image. The first tip and the important beginning is to find a useful and professional software. How many software you have known with such function? The first one that flashes in my mind is PUB HTML5. It is a powerful digital magazines maker so that anyone can use it to create what they want. Why not have a try?

The second tip is the alternative ways of import. In business, or in all conversation of trades, it is possible that we just talk about the key point. But it is no doubt that you have prepared all details in your PDF. In such occasions, you can just import custom range to quickly convert to flipbook. Or you can choose the Render Engine and OCR Engine.PUB HTML5 is equipped with what you said.

The third tip is the custom settings. Because the market is competitive, the HTML 5 flipbook is bound to be distinctive. Custom setting is necessary for the businessman. Then fourth tip is the diversity of the content. No one likes the boring words and a series of numbers. PUB HTML5 enables you to insert multimedia, such as You Tube videos, background music, and a link.

The last but not the least is the output ways. If the flipbook can only output in the format as ZIP, how can others view your books easily. Don’t worry. PUB HTML5 supports several output formats. You can share your e-books with your friends by E-mail. Or you can upload online. Then everyone can read it no matter where they are.

 Actually, there are other softwares which can help you in creating digital magazines. FlipBook Creator from and PDF to Flash Magazine: can also promote your performance into another high level.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Three tips for choosing paperless web magazine publishing software

As the world has gone totally technological, publishers and marketers also expect technological tools to further boost their client engagements. Generally they use PDF tools. But obviously PDF publications have limited client conversion rate. So, they turn to digital publishing software. But digital publishing software varies from their functionalities and sometimes publishers and marketers can hardly choose their ideal one. Digital book making programs are not rare items on the web but many of them are not professional e-book making programs. So in this blog, we’ll discuss how to choose a professional e-book making and publishing software and help marketers to find their best marketing assistant. 
First, professional digital publishing program should create e-books with vivid page turn animation. Marketer can find lots of e-book APPs on the web, but they create e-books not as interactive as they expect. Some are simply slide pages, some even not. Professional e-book maker creates realistic page flipping books that are hugely mesmerizing and inspiring, making people feel like reading a real book. Second, professional e-book making software allows users to mark their brand and make their e-book unique, which is the biggest advantage of professional programs. General e-book apps make e-books that mark brand of the apps makers, not the users, so they barely have any marketing values. Third, professional e-book software allows your e-book to be accessed on all kinds of electronic platforms, reaching a wide range of people. This is really important because marketers always expect their e-books can reach a wide range of potential clients. So a good e-book program should also enable mobile publishing.

Flipbuilder is a professional digital book making and publishing program which has won so many credits from users due to its powerful and comprehensive functionalities. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Why multimedia content is important for your online magazine publishing strategy

When we come to the solution of digital publishing, considering what exactly matters on making hugely mesmerizing and client- oriented e-magazines, two factors should never, ever be ignored. One is realistic page flip animation, the foundation of interactivity of youre-magazine. And the other is rich media, the dynamic contents that extremely enhance the interactivity of your e-magazine. An e-magazine with vivid page flip animation is good, and a flip page e-magazine with riveting rich media content is perfect! We should always bear the notion that interactivity comes to be the first in mind. Generally people can easily get tired of dull and monotonous items and that’s why PDF magazines can barely bring any client engagements. Instead flip page e-magazines with gorgeous rich media can easily attract the eyeballs of viewers because psychologically people prefer dynamic items than static items.

 Multi rich media content plays the mainpart of establishing the interactivity of your e-magazine. Generally rich media include tutorial video, background music, images, links, shopping cart, price tag, etc. The more powerful the digital book making program is, the more rich media items it’ll offer. Adding tutorial video sometimes is quite necessary, which more intuitively present your product and company information to your clients. Background music sets up a lovely reading air for your e-magazine, making it more inspiring. Hyperlinks direct viewers into your online web store, increasing your business orders.  Shopping cart, price tag and other commercial tools allow users to customize their e-magazine into a marketplace, which means, clients can directly shop on your magazine web pages without opening your web store.

Flipbuilder is professional flip page magazine making software that offers all kinds of rich media items, enabling hugely interactive and client-oriented e-magazine. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

4 most powerful page turning e-book makers with rich media

Flipbuilder is a powerful digital publishing program which has developed a series of different versions to meet the requirements of different users. We’ve got free version allowing you to have a first-hand e-book making experience. We have Flip PDF , Flip PDF pro and flip PDF corporate versions that make hugely mesmerizing digital magazines or catalogs bringing tremendous client engagements. And there is also Flip PDF for MAC, enabling digital publishing on OS X systems. Users , whether they are publishers, marketers or advertisers, may always find their best flip book maker in our series with looking to their own demand. Creating gorgeous page turn flip book is simply a drag and drop issue with no programming code at all. We celebrate the idea that once you get our program, you become the designer who designs your own work with your own talents!
Flipbuilder creates riveting multi-mediaproduct catalogs that so intuitively and inspiringly present your product information to your clients. E-catalogs are not rare items in the web, but few can be made with vivid page turn effects, let alone being enhanced with tutorial videos, background music, flashes and many other dynamic contents. Never enough! Your catalog can also be added with hyperlinks that lead viewers to your web store, having your business orders multiplied. Flipbuilder is also a excellent PDF to e-brochure maker, an ideal assistant of business marketers or advertisers, who’ve long expected a low cost yet efficient marketing platform. Flipbuilder realizes professional and high quality digital publishing on all the electronic devices, allowing users to grasp so many commercial opportunities in contemporary digital world.