Wednesday, November 27, 2013

2 Wyas to Publish Flipping Book of FlipBook Creator to Facebook

Do you have a lot of followers on Facebook account, then you can often share your flip page books from FlipBook Creator to them.

Two ways for you to share the flipping Flash book you have converted in FlipBook Creator.
1. Share Button on Flipping Flash Book:

You should show the share button while making the flipbook from PDF file;
Publish the flipbook to HTML version and upload to website;
Open the flipBook URL for online viewing, and click social share button on it!
You Cannot only share the flipbook to Facebook, you can also choose other medium.

2. Share FlipBook to Facebook in Online Book Account:

After all customization in FlipBook Creator, you should upload your flipbook to flippagemaker server directly with your account;
You can choose pressing Share on Facebook button or copy the flipbook URL to post a new state in your Facebook.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fabulous Making Flippage eBook on Mac with FlipBook Creator for Mac

Are you a fancier of Mac machine, or a bigger fan of Apple products? In the daily life, there are hundreds and thousands users of iPhone, and they are incessant pursuiting various Apple products as iPhone, iPad, iTouch and iPod, etc. Well, it mignt be one of the main streams of using i-series. As a flipping page book maker, also never wants to lose such greate amount of customers, in their website, FlipBook Creator for Mac is one of the 5 hottest main products which has been accepted by most Mac users.
Well, is there any differences between FlipBook Creator (also one hottest product in and FlipBook Creator for Mac?
From the name we know the running environment of these two software are different. Besides, the output formats are also different, FlipBook Creator may support four main formats for outputting (HTML, ZIP, EXE and APP), while the FlipBook Creator supports two types of HTML and APP, but it is enough. For HTML outputting of flippage eBook, people can upload the flipping book to theri website for online viewing, and for the APP version of flipping book, it will fluent be viewed on any Mac devices.

Import PDF with Import button on Frame of the FlipBook Creator;
Customize flippage eBook with settings under design panel;
Choose a format to output the flipping book.

If you need, you can also upload the flipbook to Flippagemaker server directly.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Insert Background Images and Sounds to Page Flip Book

Do you have a demands of making flipping books? With Flip Html5, you will never need a designer and an advertising company to help you! All things they can do, you can also do them with such an amazing page turning book maker!

This is the a demo with the first version of Flip Html5, now the software has been updated to new version with more attractive features, and some little weaknesses have been fixed or improved. If you have got a Email address, you can easily download the Flip Html5 software for free use!
With Flip Html5, you have updated a new and advanced skill of Office files producing! I guess a flipping presentation is much more persuasive than the old ancient PowerPoint Slideshow!

In the demo above, it adopted the default background, but actually people can free change their favorite background Image and sound!
Let me show you the changing background files feature by steps:
1. Background Image:
You should have your own background file of Image in high definition and your own original files of PDF, Image or Office files;
Under Custom Setting panel, you can find background file setting to import your Image and Apply change to save the setting;
2. Background Sound:
In Search bar on the top of the custom panel, input the search keywords of "Sound", you will find the "background sound file" option. Here you can easily insert a background sound for your page flip book after save the modification by clicking Apply change button on frame of the main interface!