Thursday, July 23, 2015

Online Lookbook Creator to Quickly Create Fashionable Lookbooks with Dazzling Animations and Interactivity

Lookbooks are not just popular among the big fashion brands, but great for smaller retailers and boutiques that wish to get in on the act. The fashionable looks in lookbooks give audiences ideas on what the latest fashions are, or how to match clothes. Some bloggers have to update online lookbooks on a daily or weekly basis. The time pressure puts in a request for an online lookbook creator with quick conversion and perfect design.

We are proud to say our FlipHTML5 is definitely what lookbook bloggers need. Aside from quick conversion and beautiful design, FlipHTML5 features interactive media embedding, flexible social sharing and embedding. With this online lookbook creator, it could not be easier and quicker to output a captivating digital lookbook.

Quick Conversion
Simply import your PDF file to FlipHTML5 and in a matter of seconds get your lookbook running. It is that easy and quick! The conversion is totally automatic, with no need for coding or developers. More importantly, the link within PDF content can also be added and even edited in digital lookbook.

Interactive Media
Now say goodbye to static lookbook with text-heavy content and basic images. FlipHTML5 helps you to bring all the action and interactivity of the digital world to your lookbook. You have ability to enrich your digital publication with links, Flash, slideshows, videos and far more. Furthermore, you are allowed to add animations to the interactive elements. You have full control over how and when these elements appear and disappear, engaging viewers with dazzling animation effects.


Flexible Sharing
For your convenience of social sharing, our FlipHTML5 provides a large number of integrated social media platforms. With a few clicks, you can make your lookbook sharable on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on. Besides, the HTML code empowers you to embed your publication to blogs or websites. If you are a WordPress blogger, you can take use of the output plug-in for WordPress to get your publication run on your website.
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Sunday, July 19, 2015

PDF to Flipbook Creator for Digital Publications Available on iPad

No doubt that hard cover is really suitable for direct and longer use. However, we now live in a digital world where most of people prefer to use the latest mobile devices, like iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and smartphone, and eReader. The number of mobile users takes off extremely fast in resent years. Thus, getting these mobile customers will bring a lot of benefits for publishers, especially tapping into greater market potential.

Flip HTML5 is a PDF to flipbook creator for iPad aimed at turning static PDF files into fantastic page flipping digital books with animations and interactivity. The pre-defined beautiful templates and themes, flexible custom settings, along with powerful Animation Editor and Page Editor come to make it easy for everyone to create attractive interactive digital publications.

Digital publications made with the PDF to flipbook creator are based on HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery technology, which means its distributed flipbooks can appear perfect in all mobile web browsers. Readers can easily have access to their preferred flipbooks from their mobile devices, with no hassle with installing any app. The interactive rich media in the flipbooks are also capable of working well, including links, sound, video clips and image slideshows.
What’ more, our free native iOS app - Flip HTML5 Reader - empowers Apple users to read their digital publications on their iPad, iPhone and other iOS devices without Internet connection.

 From visits to engagement, Flip HTML5 users can get every detail about their published digital flipbooks. They will know how much time readers spent, how many clicks of videos/audio, which piece of content works well or not, and something like that. According to the advanced analytics, publishers have ability to improve their digital content immediately from their mobile devices no matter where they are. 

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Slideshow Freeware Focusky to Create Well-organized Presentations out of PPT

Microsoft PowerPoint is a leading presentation tool among slideshow software, which does make it convenient to create digital presentations. Since its launch, it has gained in popularity with people from all walks of life. Unfortunately, it is still not a perfect presentation maker. Its linear nature makes it difficult to create a well-organized presentation. This weakness results in readers not to understand the relation between slides at a glance until they read through the whole presentation. It is not a good idea to inspire reader’s interest at first.

Let Focusky help you to make a well-organized presentation! As a new-generation free slideshow software, Focusky makes use of a large canvas where you can put slides. The canvas gives you great freedom to organize your slides. According to the relationship between slides, you can place slides in process structure, hierarchy structure, pyramid structure and much, making it easy and quick for readers to catch the structure of presentation. In addition, you can directly transform your PPT into Focusky presentation without creating a new one from scratch.

In this post, I would like to show you how to make a well-structured presentation out of PPT with Focusky.

Step1. Launch Focusky.

Step2. Click “New Project From PPT” -> Import a PPT file from your local computer -> In the pop-up window, select the slides to add into the new project; in the meanwhile, you can re-order slides by dragging -> In the next step, select one of slide layouts, including Circle Layout, Helix Layout, Tree Layout and Radiation Layout etc. -> Select a template -> Click “Next” to create the project.

Step3. Edit presentation, like add or delete slides, add animation effects, embed multimedia and so on.

Step4. Publish. You can publish your presentation to Focusky Cloud, or publish to local in HTML, ZIP, APP, EXE and Video formats.

Monday, May 18, 2015



而您知道的電子書製作軟體又有哪些呢?您看到的可翻頁電子出版物又是怎麼來的呢?不知道了吧,讓我跟您說說吧。全世界使用最廣的電子書格式就是PDF。而市面上有很多其它電子書製作軟體,其中具有多種多媒體功能,多種動畫效果,支持智慧型手機等移動載具閱讀的才是業界最常使用的電子書製作軟體。例如Flip PDF Professional , 它可以建立具影像,動畫,音樂,圖片以及超鏈接的互動式電子書。

Flip PDF Professional電子書製作軟體,擁有海量的精美模板和客製化設置,允許加入多媒體製作互動式翻頁電子書。同時,當您完成商品型錄製作,數字雜誌編輯,或是翻頁電子書設計后,您可以直接發佈到網路,或者上傳到FlipBuilder 雲服務器。其逼真的翻頁效果,可以在iPhone, iPad, Android等移動設備中完美呈現。同時,您也可以Email 翻頁商品型錄,數位電子雜誌,翻頁效果畫冊等等給用戶,或者分享到Facebook &Twitter 等社交平台,讓更多的人共享您的傑作。而您在商品型錄製作的過程中,還可以添加購物車等按鈕,讓用戶直接購買心儀的商品。

有的時候,用智慧型手機看密密麻麻的文字很辛苦。而Flip PDF Professional 製作的翻頁電子書,圖,聲,文三者結合,圖片具備動態效果,文字可擴大,縮小,為讀者創造引人入勝的閱讀體驗。

透過Flip PDF Professional ,可讓原本靜態的PDF 雜誌和出版物變得生動,形象,更具吸引力和感染力。所以讀者才會把握空閒的時間,沉溺于閱讀電子書。您想嘗試製作一本自己的電子書嗎?趕緊下載Flip PDF Professional 吧,幾分鐘時間,就能拋棄沉悶,迎接富生命力的翻頁PDF電子書!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Reliable Free Online Flipbook Creator - Flip HTML5

In this digital world, people who buy paper books to read are becoming less and less. Instead, more and more are inclined to buy digital books, or download e-books freely. This change drives plenty of authors to publish their books online for sale. Since they are not professional publishers, lacking in programming skills, they are looking for an easy-to-use publishing platform to create flipbooks online. Here, I wanna introduce a free online flip creator to you, which proves to be perfectly reliable and popular with people all over the world. It is Flip HTML5. Using this free online flipbook creator, you can make appealing flipping online e-books easily without any coding skills. Then what can you expect from Flip HTML5? Read the post, and you will find!

Easy to Design
Flip HTML5 is quite easy to use without any requirement of design skills. You can upload your PDF file to publishing platform by simply dragging and dropping. Lots of templates and themes are available to choose. And you are allowed to customize background with color or image, set loading caption and font color, select book language. Plus, Flip HTML5 enables you to add flip sound and hard cover, which will make your flipping book more realistic and vivid. These   features avoid you to rack your brains to design the outlook of your e-book. Even after you publish your book, you can modify it very easily.

Add Video 
Compared with text descriptions, images and videos can give visual shock with sharp details. It is a good idea to insert images and videos to flipping books, which will definitely capture readers’ attention successfully. Flip HTML5 is such a flipbook creator that allows you to add images and YouTube or Vimeo videos into your flip e-books. 

Share Online
With a few clicks, you can share the publication on your Facebook, Twitter, Google + or other social networks or directly send it via email. You are also able to embed the publication to your website by copying and pasting the embed code to your HTML web page. Therefore, people around the globe can reach your books.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Three Powerful Flipbook Software

With the popularization of digital books, people like to read books on their desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Plain and static PDF documents cannot satisfy people any more. They are looking for a perfect tool that can convert PDF files into a page turning digital book. Now I share three powerful digital flipbook software for you.

Flip HTML5
Flip HTML5 is powerful HTML5 & jQuery based digital page flipping book conversion software. It enables you to easily create engaging HTML5 flip books out of existing documents including PDF, MS Office, Open Office and images. You are free to customize flipping books outlook, insert multimedia elements and set animation effects. You can upload your flipping book online and share with others via social networks. Whats more, this standout PDF to flipbook converter can work on different platforms including Windows PC, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android and Windows Phone.

PUB HTML5 is an amazing digital publishing platform designed to convert PDF, MS Office and OpenOffice to page turning digital book. This user-friendly software helps you create, control, and customize your digital publication for online and offline viewing. And it enables you to bring your digital publications to life by converting your PDF files into an interactive and impressive page flipping experience.

Flip PDF
Flip PDF provides a quick and easy way to batch convert ordinary PDF files into stunning Flash & HTML5 publications that run on all devices (iPad, iPhone, Android phone), with amazing page flip animations and sound! The created flipbook works both online and offline, you can publish it to the web, send via email, burn it onto CD/DVD or USB flash drives.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Online Magazine Maker - Make Online Magazine for Content Marketing Strategy

Over the past few years, online magazines have emerged as an effective content marketing tool. And the organizations of all sizes are marking efforts to take advantage of the medium to reach consumers. Why? For one thing, online magazines cost less. For another, it is possible for the publishers to control the content for consistently & clearly convey the brand message. But not all of them are successful to do it. To help them avoid failure of making online magazine for content marketing strategy, here are some of the best practices to follow:

Provide Quality Content
We often take it for granted that the online magazines often feature products. But the best online magazines devote serious effort to generating quality content and offer engaging content for the readers. What’s more, try your best to make the content beyond interesting. If you do not know how to do, the online magazine maker AnyFlip can help you. Its powerful Page Editor would help you to generate the content in the ways you want. No matter the videos, audios or the images, AnyFlip provides you the best way to display them.

online magazine maker

Make Your Online Magazines Beautiful
As is known to all, magazines are often emotionally engaging because they are image-heavy and visually appealing. And for content marketers, the looks are often being neglected comparing to the content. Therefore, the beautiful outlook is important. And AnyFlip takes your online magazine outlook seriously. It provides you a series of templates, themes, backgrounds and scenes to beautify your online magazines.
online magazine maker

Be Mobile Friendly and Accessible 
To engage more readers, you can create mobile friendly magazines for content marketing. In many ways, magazines on tablets can deliver a better reading experience for the readers. Due to you are unable to estimate which devices your readers would use, you online magazines should be accessible to any devices. How to do it? AnyFlip is the professional helper for you to publish mobile friendly online magazines for all devices users. The html5 magazines can be easily accessed with any device anytime & anywhere. 
online magazine maker