Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Reliable Free Online Flipbook Creator - Flip HTML5

In this digital world, people who buy paper books to read are becoming less and less. Instead, more and more are inclined to buy digital books, or download e-books freely. This change drives plenty of authors to publish their books online for sale. Since they are not professional publishers, lacking in programming skills, they are looking for an easy-to-use publishing platform to create flipbooks online. Here, I wanna introduce a free online flip creator to you, which proves to be perfectly reliable and popular with people all over the world. It is Flip HTML5. Using this free online flipbook creator, you can make appealing flipping online e-books easily without any coding skills. Then what can you expect from Flip HTML5? Read the post, and you will find!

Easy to Design
Flip HTML5 is quite easy to use without any requirement of design skills. You can upload your PDF file to publishing platform by simply dragging and dropping. Lots of templates and themes are available to choose. And you are allowed to customize background with color or image, set loading caption and font color, select book language. Plus, Flip HTML5 enables you to add flip sound and hard cover, which will make your flipping book more realistic and vivid. These   features avoid you to rack your brains to design the outlook of your e-book. Even after you publish your book, you can modify it very easily.

Add Video 
Compared with text descriptions, images and videos can give visual shock with sharp details. It is a good idea to insert images and videos to flipping books, which will definitely capture readers’ attention successfully. Flip HTML5 is such a flipbook creator that allows you to add images and YouTube or Vimeo videos into your flip e-books. 

Share Online
With a few clicks, you can share the publication on your Facebook, Twitter, Google + or other social networks or directly send it via email. You are also able to embed the publication to your website by copying and pasting the embed code to your HTML web page. Therefore, people around the globe can reach your books.

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