Thursday, June 26, 2014

Three tips for choosing paperless web magazine publishing software

As the world has gone totally technological, publishers and marketers also expect technological tools to further boost their client engagements. Generally they use PDF tools. But obviously PDF publications have limited client conversion rate. So, they turn to digital publishing software. But digital publishing software varies from their functionalities and sometimes publishers and marketers can hardly choose their ideal one. Digital book making programs are not rare items on the web but many of them are not professional e-book making programs. So in this blog, we’ll discuss how to choose a professional e-book making and publishing software and help marketers to find their best marketing assistant. 
First, professional digital publishing program should create e-books with vivid page turn animation. Marketer can find lots of e-book APPs on the web, but they create e-books not as interactive as they expect. Some are simply slide pages, some even not. Professional e-book maker creates realistic page flipping books that are hugely mesmerizing and inspiring, making people feel like reading a real book. Second, professional e-book making software allows users to mark their brand and make their e-book unique, which is the biggest advantage of professional programs. General e-book apps make e-books that mark brand of the apps makers, not the users, so they barely have any marketing values. Third, professional e-book software allows your e-book to be accessed on all kinds of electronic platforms, reaching a wide range of people. This is really important because marketers always expect their e-books can reach a wide range of potential clients. So a good e-book program should also enable mobile publishing.

Flipbuilder is a professional digital book making and publishing program which has won so many credits from users due to its powerful and comprehensive functionalities. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Why multimedia content is important for your online magazine publishing strategy

When we come to the solution of digital publishing, considering what exactly matters on making hugely mesmerizing and client- oriented e-magazines, two factors should never, ever be ignored. One is realistic page flip animation, the foundation of interactivity of youre-magazine. And the other is rich media, the dynamic contents that extremely enhance the interactivity of your e-magazine. An e-magazine with vivid page flip animation is good, and a flip page e-magazine with riveting rich media content is perfect! We should always bear the notion that interactivity comes to be the first in mind. Generally people can easily get tired of dull and monotonous items and that’s why PDF magazines can barely bring any client engagements. Instead flip page e-magazines with gorgeous rich media can easily attract the eyeballs of viewers because psychologically people prefer dynamic items than static items.

 Multi rich media content plays the mainpart of establishing the interactivity of your e-magazine. Generally rich media include tutorial video, background music, images, links, shopping cart, price tag, etc. The more powerful the digital book making program is, the more rich media items it’ll offer. Adding tutorial video sometimes is quite necessary, which more intuitively present your product and company information to your clients. Background music sets up a lovely reading air for your e-magazine, making it more inspiring. Hyperlinks direct viewers into your online web store, increasing your business orders.  Shopping cart, price tag and other commercial tools allow users to customize their e-magazine into a marketplace, which means, clients can directly shop on your magazine web pages without opening your web store.

Flipbuilder is professional flip page magazine making software that offers all kinds of rich media items, enabling hugely interactive and client-oriented e-magazine. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

4 most powerful page turning e-book makers with rich media

Flipbuilder is a powerful digital publishing program which has developed a series of different versions to meet the requirements of different users. We’ve got free version allowing you to have a first-hand e-book making experience. We have Flip PDF , Flip PDF pro and flip PDF corporate versions that make hugely mesmerizing digital magazines or catalogs bringing tremendous client engagements. And there is also Flip PDF for MAC, enabling digital publishing on OS X systems. Users , whether they are publishers, marketers or advertisers, may always find their best flip book maker in our series with looking to their own demand. Creating gorgeous page turn flip book is simply a drag and drop issue with no programming code at all. We celebrate the idea that once you get our program, you become the designer who designs your own work with your own talents!
Flipbuilder creates riveting multi-mediaproduct catalogs that so intuitively and inspiringly present your product information to your clients. E-catalogs are not rare items in the web, but few can be made with vivid page turn effects, let alone being enhanced with tutorial videos, background music, flashes and many other dynamic contents. Never enough! Your catalog can also be added with hyperlinks that lead viewers to your web store, having your business orders multiplied. Flipbuilder is also a excellent PDF to e-brochure maker, an ideal assistant of business marketers or advertisers, who’ve long expected a low cost yet efficient marketing platform. Flipbuilder realizes professional and high quality digital publishing on all the electronic devices, allowing users to grasp so many commercial opportunities in contemporary digital world.