Thursday, June 26, 2014

Three tips for choosing paperless web magazine publishing software

As the world has gone totally technological, publishers and marketers also expect technological tools to further boost their client engagements. Generally they use PDF tools. But obviously PDF publications have limited client conversion rate. So, they turn to digital publishing software. But digital publishing software varies from their functionalities and sometimes publishers and marketers can hardly choose their ideal one. Digital book making programs are not rare items on the web but many of them are not professional e-book making programs. So in this blog, we’ll discuss how to choose a professional e-book making and publishing software and help marketers to find their best marketing assistant. 
First, professional digital publishing program should create e-books with vivid page turn animation. Marketer can find lots of e-book APPs on the web, but they create e-books not as interactive as they expect. Some are simply slide pages, some even not. Professional e-book maker creates realistic page flipping books that are hugely mesmerizing and inspiring, making people feel like reading a real book. Second, professional e-book making software allows users to mark their brand and make their e-book unique, which is the biggest advantage of professional programs. General e-book apps make e-books that mark brand of the apps makers, not the users, so they barely have any marketing values. Third, professional e-book software allows your e-book to be accessed on all kinds of electronic platforms, reaching a wide range of people. This is really important because marketers always expect their e-books can reach a wide range of potential clients. So a good e-book program should also enable mobile publishing.

Flipbuilder is a professional digital book making and publishing program which has won so many credits from users due to its powerful and comprehensive functionalities. 

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