Wednesday, August 27, 2014

5 Tips for Creating HTML5 Enabled Digital Magazines

Are you still looking for the novel ways to present your ideas in front of the customers? Are you looking forward to easily creating HTML5 digital magazines? Do you want your flipbook enjoy a good reputation among the business? If your answer is positive, the following tips will benefit you a lot.

As you know, it is difficult to be the best. But it is possible. Creating HTML5 enabled digital magazines  is not as difficult as you image. The first tip and the important beginning is to find a useful and professional software. How many software you have known with such function? The first one that flashes in my mind is PUB HTML5. It is a powerful digital magazines maker so that anyone can use it to create what they want. Why not have a try?

The second tip is the alternative ways of import. In business, or in all conversation of trades, it is possible that we just talk about the key point. But it is no doubt that you have prepared all details in your PDF. In such occasions, you can just import custom range to quickly convert to flipbook. Or you can choose the Render Engine and OCR Engine.PUB HTML5 is equipped with what you said.

The third tip is the custom settings. Because the market is competitive, the HTML 5 flipbook is bound to be distinctive. Custom setting is necessary for the businessman. Then fourth tip is the diversity of the content. No one likes the boring words and a series of numbers. PUB HTML5 enables you to insert multimedia, such as You Tube videos, background music, and a link.

The last but not the least is the output ways. If the flipbook can only output in the format as ZIP, how can others view your books easily. Don’t worry. PUB HTML5 supports several output formats. You can share your e-books with your friends by E-mail. Or you can upload online. Then everyone can read it no matter where they are.

 Actually, there are other softwares which can help you in creating digital magazines. FlipBook Creator from and PDF to Flash Magazine: can also promote your performance into another high level.

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