Thursday, August 28, 2014

A 100% Free PDF to iPad digital publishing Solution for everyone

Up to now, Apple has sold a great number of iPad across the world. With the popularity of iPad, a tremendous business opportunity came up and grows in incredible speed. In such a short time, consumers are used to search interesting issues of their favorite magazines and e-books on their iPads straightly. For the publisher, it is an emergency to looking for a new ways to publish digital documents that is available to read on iPad.

Today, you will benefit a lot from the following introduction. From my perspective, PUB HTML5 is a 100% free PDF to iPad digital publishing solution  for everyone. You will have an amazing experience with easily sharing and reading on your iPad.

But on daily lives, we prefer to save the texts in the format of PDF. It is worth thinking how to convert a PDF into a digital publication that allows reading with iPad. PUB HTML5 can also help you in creating an interactive flipbook. You can import your common PDF into this software. And after you publishing, you can get a HTML5 online digital ebook. There is a book URL created for you. Just copy it and enter it on your iPad, you can enjoy your e-book freely and directly.

Unlike other software, PUB HTML5 is an independent application. When you read the books on iPad, you will never require installing other software. When you have a free try, you will totally understand what I mean.

FlipHTML5 from is also a iPad-friendly software which specializes in creating realistic and responsive CSS3 jQuery &HTML5 FlipBook from PDF. Believe it or not, your publications will win hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide when you publish it with the help of above software.

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