Thursday, August 28, 2014

5 100% Free tools to create digital magazines and newspapers

Do you feel disturbed when you are deep in thinking how to convert flat PDF to digital magazines and newspapers? What about the tools help you out of trouble? Have you ever consider asking the free tools or software for help?Here, I will introduce you 5 100% free tools to create digital publication and certain software which are very professional in creating flipping books.

With PUB HTML5 tools, you can upload your digital magazines at no cost. The reason is that PUB HTML5 provides you a free magazine publishing platform . Now, back to what I said before, what are the free tools that assists you in building digital publications? The first one is the various custom settings. There are many details concerning the loading, displaying and controlling. It is very easy for you to set the font color and book logo. The second one is editing tools. It allows you to add link, audio, video and slideshow and more multimedia to your flipbook. In such ways, your flipbook will entertain more readers.

The following one is the animation setting. With the help of this tool, you can add animation objects (texts, images, videos and more) to your e-book. Thus there are dynamic changes in your flipbook. The next tool is the publishing tool. Its function is to help you create different format output flipbook. You can publish, share, and save the flipbook. The last one is also the most useful one is upload tool. With PUB HTML5 free publishing platform, you can share your flipbook online as soon as possible. Your flipbook will be displayed at so that everyone can read it no matter where they are.

All above tools are include in PUB HTML5.But there are other softwares which offer similar tools. 3D PageFlip Professional: and 3D PageFlip Standard: also provide handy tools for you to create digital magazines and newspapers.

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