Thursday, December 25, 2014

iPad digital publishing software a fully featured mobile flipbook tool

In this year, Apple brought modern iPhone6 to market. So far, Apple has brought many modern tablets and mobile devices to improve the living standard of people. And at the same time, Google build on that with extraordinary growth of Android based devices. Therefore, the digital publishing industry can capitalize their work on using publishing software for iPad and mobile devices.

The iPad as a way to reach more target groups is popular among the public. And along with the advancing mobile devices, it changes the way people consume content today. For example, many people enjoy the online shopping and online reading. So for digital publishing, a fully featured mobile flipbook will help you occupy the limitless market. PUB HTML5, the pdf to html5 converter, brings you a new way to display your digital magazines, catalogs and brochures on iPad.
iPad digital publishing software
PUB HTML5 is powered by HTML5 & jQuery technology. Thus, the flipping books it created can be easily access with any mobile devices. As the iPad digital publishing software, it processes many distinguished features.

1. Beautiful book-like interface
To attract more readers, PUB HTML5, the pdf to stunning flipbook maker, provides you the amazing templates and themes to beautify your flipping book. Also, you can customize it with the background music and background picture.

2. E-commerce online marketing
The iPad digital publishing software provides you the powerful tools for online marketing. On the one hand, you can enrich your content with the vivid multimedia. On the other hand, you can add the e-commerce information for your digital publications, such as the prices and PayPal. All in all it is convenient to catch the eyes of readers as well as inspire the visitors to buy with your mobile flipbook. 

iPad digital publishing software

3. Easily share and embed in your website
This iPad digital publishing software can produce the attractive flipping book which can be easily share with your friends. Also, its cloud platform provides you a Bookcase to store your flipping book. You can either embed the flipping book or Bookcase into your website on the condition that your upload the digital publication on this platform.

If you want to expand your digital ambitions, the mobile flipbook is necessary. PUB HTML5 offers you the best solutions for mobile flipbook. 

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