Thursday, July 23, 2015

Online Lookbook Creator to Quickly Create Fashionable Lookbooks with Dazzling Animations and Interactivity

Lookbooks are not just popular among the big fashion brands, but great for smaller retailers and boutiques that wish to get in on the act. The fashionable looks in lookbooks give audiences ideas on what the latest fashions are, or how to match clothes. Some bloggers have to update online lookbooks on a daily or weekly basis. The time pressure puts in a request for an online lookbook creator with quick conversion and perfect design.

We are proud to say our FlipHTML5 is definitely what lookbook bloggers need. Aside from quick conversion and beautiful design, FlipHTML5 features interactive media embedding, flexible social sharing and embedding. With this online lookbook creator, it could not be easier and quicker to output a captivating digital lookbook.

Quick Conversion
Simply import your PDF file to FlipHTML5 and in a matter of seconds get your lookbook running. It is that easy and quick! The conversion is totally automatic, with no need for coding or developers. More importantly, the link within PDF content can also be added and even edited in digital lookbook.

Interactive Media
Now say goodbye to static lookbook with text-heavy content and basic images. FlipHTML5 helps you to bring all the action and interactivity of the digital world to your lookbook. You have ability to enrich your digital publication with links, Flash, slideshows, videos and far more. Furthermore, you are allowed to add animations to the interactive elements. You have full control over how and when these elements appear and disappear, engaging viewers with dazzling animation effects.


Flexible Sharing
For your convenience of social sharing, our FlipHTML5 provides a large number of integrated social media platforms. With a few clicks, you can make your lookbook sharable on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on. Besides, the HTML code empowers you to embed your publication to blogs or websites. If you are a WordPress blogger, you can take use of the output plug-in for WordPress to get your publication run on your website.
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