Wednesday, November 27, 2013

2 Wyas to Publish Flipping Book of FlipBook Creator to Facebook

Do you have a lot of followers on Facebook account, then you can often share your flip page books from FlipBook Creator to them.

Two ways for you to share the flipping Flash book you have converted in FlipBook Creator.
1. Share Button on Flipping Flash Book:

You should show the share button while making the flipbook from PDF file;
Publish the flipbook to HTML version and upload to website;
Open the flipBook URL for online viewing, and click social share button on it!
You Cannot only share the flipbook to Facebook, you can also choose other medium.

2. Share FlipBook to Facebook in Online Book Account:

After all customization in FlipBook Creator, you should upload your flipbook to flippagemaker server directly with your account;
You can choose pressing Share on Facebook button or copy the flipbook URL to post a new state in your Facebook.

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