Tuesday, October 22, 2013

3 Top New jQuery Page Flip Book Effect Examples & Demos in First Half Of 2013

At present the most popular flipping books are jQuery based or HTML based. In the past months of 2013, there are different jQuery page flipbook makers have been developed and publicized. From most jQuery based page flip book makers, the Flip Html5-Html5 Publishing Software fFree Download has earned enough notices from users all over the world.
Next is one example from Flip Html5, you can try the page flipping effect in the vivid embedded demo.
With serious and careful observation, there are other four new and outstanding jQuery Page Flip book makers.
Hi Slider:
The Hi Slider is totally different from Flip Html5 (You can find more info on Flip Html5 Home Page). Hi Slider is a pure flipping album maker that is only for combining dozens of Image files.
And flipping albums from Hi Slider are mainly show you the slide page effects. In Hi Slider, there are 3D turning effects and simple turning effects which will satisfy most demands of users. The most important thing is Hi Slider is free for users.

Boxoft PDF to Flipbook Professional is a flipping book converter from PDF files. In this software there are colorful live wallpaper and animated backgrounds and scrolling text synchronizes with recording audio. The unique Audio in Boxoft PDF to Flipbook Professional has improved its popularity for the much more vivid page turning effect.

If for Html conversion of flipping books, Flip Html5 would be the preferred choice!